09 October 2011

Isle of Wight

Isle of white is 60 miles of stunning unspoilt scenery and consist wealth of attractions. I have been to Isle of Wight more than few times now. Every time we’ve been there I remember the clean air and majestic views of nature enveloping good experiences in my heart. The basic appeal of the island lies in its beautiful climate, lush green hills, and clean beaches and places to hangout with famil. The most convenient way to enjoy the scenery of isle of white is to have your own transport. Many nearby people prefer going there on weekends and camping with friends and family. Isle of white has loads of water sports to offer. Wightlink operates passenger cum car ferries to Ryde Pier and Fishbourne.

We went to this majestic island by car every time, as we lived in London. We had an amazing experience every time we visited this place. We usually take the A3055 route from Fishbourne towards Ryde. Going through Oakfield you then see the ancient town of Brading which consist of ‘The Lilliput Antique Doll and Toy Museum’. When you move on you reach to Sandown. It consists of lovely sandy beach, Pier, restaurant, clubs, and a Dinosaur Museum. 
Moving forward, we then reach Shanklin, another beautiful town with some really gorgeous natural views. Just opposite ‘The Miclaran Hotel’ there is this majestic view of the English Channel. And a very nice café shop. It was a treat being there. Shanklin Chine another majestic breath taking places to see. And it is also one of the oldest tourist attractions of Isle of White. It was opened in 1817.
'The Garlic Farm' near Newchurch is one of the many key attractions of Isle of Wight. It is for the lovers of garlic and people who like growing their own vegetables. It is free to visit any time of the year. The farm consists of the gift shop garlic farm, and the café. And they love selling some red hot chilli sauces as well. Be warned they are what they say. I mean really very hot sauces. I remember trying one man what an experience it was.

Godshill village is another charming place to see for the tourists. Thatched houses, tea rooms/shops, glass making shops, and pubs. They all look so beautiful, clean and calm. The Model Village and the small Toy Museum are the highlights of Godshill village. 'The Model Village' is a great place for the whole family to visit and enjoy the arts and model works. It consists of the model village of the local sights. And what a lovely piece of work it is. Absolutely wonderful and I believe lot of work must have gone into to make such an accurate depiction of the local village. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the model village.
Ventnor is another lovely place to see while moving along A3055. Ventnor is the southernmost holiday destination of the Island. The climate is mild all year around. Botanical Gardens is one of the places to visit when you are here, it displays a great variety of vegetation. Holiday makers get attracted to the lovely sheltered bay. It consists of a small harbour. There are many eating and drinking establishments. You just need to grab some drinks and enjoy the gorgeous beach in front of them. From the high street you can get the hop on hop off buses to see the islands major towns.   
After Ventnor our next stop was Freshwaters and what a beautiful place it is. We saw the golf club and loved the walked through the coastal path for a while, enjoyed the nature. Freshwater is western part of Isle of Wight. It consists of beautiful beaches at Freshwater Bay, Colwell and Totland. We didn’t had the chance the westerly part of Isle of Wight which was Alum Bay, as we were running out of time. Before we headed to Newport, we decided to go to 'Carisbrooke Castle', which was like few miles away from central Newport. The castle has 7 acres to itself. It is one of the finest examples of a Norman Castle. Built on a roman site the castle earthworks were begun in 1070. Inside the castle is Carisbrooke Museum which provides visitors historical information about the castle. On a family day out children’s can enjoy dressing up as Norman Soldiers and meeting castle’s famous donkeys. While for adults, the new Edwardian style Princess Beatrice Garden is a joy and offers relaxing walk.    

Our next and the final stop was Newport via A3054 Yarmouth Road. Newport is the major town of the island and also the main shopping centre. Newport has a market town from where we did some gifts shopping and loved the whole experience of being on Isle of Wight. We recalled the places we saw in just 2 days and loved every bit of it.

31 July 2011

Portobello Market

Portobello Market is a world famous Antique market based in Notting Hill, west London. Portobello Market is also well known by Portobello Road. I went there twice, ones alone and ones with my friends. Portobello Road goes straight through the middle of Notting Hill. Notting Hill is also known for the film made their named you guess it right “Notting Hill” staring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts. The road is very near to the Notting Hill Gate underground tube station. Saturdays get the maximum crowd. The road is filled with Antique shops, food stalls, and vegetable market when you cross the hill. You can expect to see variety of antiques and collectables from all around the world on this road. When I went there, I took one berry smoothy and walked all the way to the “Flea market”. Under the west way you’ll see second hand clothes, books, jewellery.
Now let’s dive into the interesting history of Portobello Market Briefly. Portobello was actually a farm. Many of the Antique shops, Pubs are mostly historic. The area of Portobello was originally a farm, named after Puerto Bello in the Caribbean in memory of Admiral Vernon who captured the in the late 1730’s.

23 July 2011

Covent Garden

Travelling is my hobby, only when I get some time, from my busy work schedule. I enjoy the company of friends I made and people I met in these places. I couldn’t forget the times I spent in Covent garden in central London, the place is live with music performances in the piazza, organic pasty’s, Covent garden Soups, fruits, confectionaries, and European shops. I still remember the Apple market, and the cute shops around. Jubilee Market is another awesome market, specializing in Antiques.
The history of Covent Garden Market is a fascinating one. It served as a fruit and vegetable market, one of the biggest in England. It has since transformed beyond recognition with many fashion labels, theatre, and stores popped up.
I bought a Winter Jacket from a well known Brand “The North Face” for £ 160 from the Covent Garden Showroom. And I must say it is the best purchase I ever did as far as clothing goes. It’s comfy, durable and looks good on me. I with my friends went to many good bar and pubs enjoyed the bubbly drinks. Covent Garden has this unique blend of friendliness, traditional environment, which attracts tourists in high volumes.
There are so many theatre experiences London is famous for. I never got a chance to visit the “London Transport Museum” which is in Covent Garden Piazza.

22 November 2010

A blog on comprensive guide to the cities and places I have visited

Traveller’s Jet is a blog on travel and places I have visited. I am not an expert in reviews of the places I am talking about in my blog, but they are my personal experiences. Travel is my passion; to me travelling is an experience of a life time of going to new places. I have also suggested tips while travelling to places I have mentioned. Traveller’s Jet blog caters well for the needs of people willing to spend quality time in the places I have discussed here.